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There are numerous companies offering pet insurance.  Typically the veterinary bill is paid at the time of service and the client then submits the claim to the insurance company for reimbursement. Often there is a section for the veterinary office to complete and we can provide additional copies of your paperwork for submission.  Policy coverage varies between companies and many have pre-existing condition exclusions.  A websites that may help to compare insurance companies is www.petinsurancereview.com/dog.asp. Another website www.pet-insurance-university.com provides an informative tutorial.

Some of the companies are as follows:

VPI www.petinsurance.com (888)899-4874
Trupanion www.truepanionpetinsurance.com (800)569-7913
Pets Best www.petsbest.com


Petplan USA www.gopetplan.com (866)467-3875
PetCare www.petcareinsurance.com (866)275-7387
Embrace www.embracepetinsurance.com (800)511-9172
ASPCA www.ASPCApetinsurance.com (866)861-9092
AKC www.petinsurancepro.com (866)725-2747

Some questions the Washington State Veterinary Medical Associations suggests asking:

What kind of illnesses is covered?

Are pre-existing conditions covered?

Does the policy cover hereditary/congenital conditions?

What is the deductible and can I select a higher deductible for a lower premium?

Do premiums change as the pet as the pet ages of if a claim is made?

Do you offer any discounts? (E.g. if the pet is micro chipped, multi pets, sterilized).

How is the claim paid?

What kinds of medical treatment/interventions are covered by this plan?

What is not covered by this plan?

Is there a waiting period before the policy goes into effect?

Is there a co-pay?

What is the insurer’s track record? (Claims, payment, client satisfaction)

Do you have breeds you will not cover?

What are the terms of a cancellation if that should occur?

Is dental health covered and does it include cleanings?  Does it include the first cleaning?

How can I access my insurer after hours or while traveling?

What are the limits of coverage?

Is euthanasia and cremation covered?