Pet Diagnostics

Cherry Valley Veterinary Hospital offers state-of-the-art diagnostics with appropriate treatments and compassionate care. Our priority is the health of your pet.


Cherry Valley Veterinary Hospital excels at advancing pet care with our diagnosis-driven approach. Diagnostics are essential in finding the underlying cause of a pet’s illness and, therefore, the effective treatment. Well pet diagnostics are pro-active in finding health concerns and treatment before your pet becomes symptomatic.


In-house laboratory for complete blood profiles, including CBC, blood chemistry, and electrolytes. We also offer in-house coagulation panels, progesterone, and feline leukemia testing. Reference laboratories are utilized to send out blood, urine, biopsies, and cytology as indicated.

Veterinarian Checking Cat


Our in-house urinalysis includes the specific gravity, chemistry that measures 9 parameters, and micro sediment exam.

Skin and Ears

Commonly affected when pets have infections, allergies, hormone diseases, parasites, or exposure to contact irritants. Diagnosis varies. Typically cell impressions are stained and evaluated microscopically. Additional diagnostics may include skin scrapings, cultures, biopsies, and blood tests.

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