About Cherry Valley Veterinary Hospital

Cherry Valley Veterinary Hospital has been providing comprehensive pet care since 2003. Enhancing the health and well-being of our patients by offering high-quality, diagnostic-driven medicine.

About Us

In 2003, Dr. Weekes and his wife, Jan, opened the Cherry Valley Veterinary Hospital in Duvall. As the practice continues to grow, our fundamental practice philosophy remains constant. Our priority is to maintain the highest standard of veterinary medicine. Our veterinary protocols are allopathic, evidence-based, and diagnosis-driven. We offer a spectrum of veterinary services from preventative to critical care, including in-house laboratory, radiology, dentistry, laser therapy, and surgery. We recognize the importance of communication, the need for information to make decisions in pet health and illness, and to balance care within individual financial means. Dr. Weekes utilizes his long-established relationships with local specialists for consultation, referral, and integration of treatment plans. Our dedicated veterinary team shares a commitment not only to our patients but to their families as well. It is our hospital policy for our patients of record that during office hours, we will always see an ill or emergent pet. It is our hospital culture to have direct communication and integrity. It is our goal to continue to have long-standing relations with our patients, our clients, and the community.

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