Pet Dentistry

Cherry Valley Veterinary Hospital offers a comprehensive dental package.

Good Oral Health for Your Pet

Good dental and oral health are important for your pet’s overall health and comfort. It also helps prevent gum inflammation, bone loss, tooth loss, infection, and bad breath.

CVVH dentistry package includes a pre-anesthetic exam, general anesthesia, IV catheter and fluids, oral exam, hand and Piezo scaling, polishing, pocket measurement, fluoride, and Oravet Sealant. Digital radiographs are taken of all teeth. CVVH dentals are graded I, II, or III depending on the amount of tartar and periodontal disease.

All dentistry patients undergo general anesthesia with isoflurane (gas). We monitor the patient’s blood pressure, heart and respiration rates, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

Additional dental services include extractions, digital dental radiographs, and Doxirobe gel for severely inflamed gum pockets. All extraction patients are sent home with pain medications and antibiotics, which are included in the extraction cost. Extractions and Doxirobe are not included in the general dentistry price.

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